The Duals

The Duals is a rather revolutionary but innovative step in the right direction by the RACE2IAS ecosystem of Civil Service learning. In its character of pioneering and innovative learning, RACE2IAS presents a unique opportunity for higher secondary schools with Humanities Stream to integrate Civil Service syllabus based classes to their curriculum. Recipients of the Duals program will have the added advantage of learning both the theoretical lessons and applying them in classes provided by RACE2IAS. On the successful completion of the Duals program of 2 years, the student will be able to appear with confidence for national-level exams to universities in India and other competitive exams after Class 12. This is in addition to the enhanced academic performance in school.
The Duals will be provided only an institutional-basis based on their request. Partnering institutions will have the chance to offer a unique learning opportunity through them. If you manage an educational institution and are interested in this program please click here.

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